NARS Brousse is Smokey Eyes in a Compact

NARS Brousse

I picked up some more permanent NARS shadow duos recently (I am always eyeing these since I love the formula). Brousse made its way into my life on a day when I was feeling quite smokey.

This duo works beautifully as a smokey eye duo or to complement any other duos (or palettes, singles etc). I love using it like I do Cordura, which is to pair it with All About Eve. It makes such a nice eye look.

Brousse Swatched on my NC/NW Skin

Both shades have some sheen, but neither are shimmery or over the top, which I prefer. The pay off is great but not so pigmented you need to be scared. I find the colors blend beautifully, which is great since they are so dark. The formula lasts all day on my oily lids too (NARS shadows have the best longevity on me). The brown is a stunning warm tone with a gold sheen. The plum is right up my alley (you know how I love purple shades) and it has some grey in it to keep it muted and wearable.

wearing the brown all over the lid and the plum in my crease

I think this duo is a great set of neutral, everyday shades that can be amped up for night. I really love it. What NARS duos do you enjoy?

You can get this duo at NARS counters, online and, at Sephora for $35.

The rundown: A


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