NARS Almeria Blush is Just Perfect

NARS Almeria Blush

NARS Almeria (which is a city in Spain in case you were wondering) is a limited edition blush as part of their Laced With Edge Holiday Collection. Its a deep rose (dubbed a tan rose by NARS) with a soft sheen that is almost matte (no shimmer or glitter, woot!).

First of all, this blush is straight up stunning. Second of all, I love blushes with red undertones (which this one has) so I might be biased. Thirdly, this stuff is pigmented. Like all the pigment. Be warned.

NARS Almeria Swatched on NC/NW20 Skin

This is my perfect (and favorite) shade of blush. Its amazing. It looks natural, sophisticated and, livens up your face. This blends out beautifully (which is key due to the crazy pigment levels). It also lasts all day on me (the whole 9-10 hours).

wearing NARS Almeria

This blush is limited edition and I would highly recommend it. If you are a fan of these shades and the NARS formula you’ll love it. Its a winner. Its also perfect for fall/winter. Well anytime, but especially right now.

Warning, the remainder of this weeks posts are all NARS. Its gonna be a NARS fest over here and, personally, I’m excited.

You can get this blush at NARS counters, online and at Sephora for $30.

The rundown: A+


4 thoughts on “NARS Almeria Blush is Just Perfect

  1. This looks really beautiful on you! I’m always hesitant about bright/deep blushes because 1) I have rosacea, so I put a lot of effort into cancelling out all the red on my face, and 2) I tend to use pretty intense color on eyes or lips — so, even a little blush can look like a lot on me. But your review makes me want to try this!


    1. Thank you! I have rosacea too! I’m thinking of doing a post on it soon, but I try not to let it influence my makeup choices too much. I am not a big smokey eye or bold lip girl daily so I can go a bit bananas with the blush lol.


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