Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Hits All the High Notes

the super cute and functional tin

The Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix kit is a set of four high pigment lip pencils. The colors are limited edition and you get Sable (pinky nude), Rhubarb (dirty rose and permanent), Pomegranate (red and permanent) and, Winterberry (plum red).

from the top: Rhubarb, Sable, Pomegranate and, Winterberry

These are chubby pencils that really pack pigment (as the name suggests). I found the formula light and thin on the lips with a matte finish. The color lasts a very long time and the darker colors stain your lips as well. I found the formula a bit drying on the lips, but it isn’t bad at all. I also like blotting these and then using a balm or gloss over (treating them a lot like a lip liner).

swatches from the left: Sable, Rhubarb, Pomegranate and, Winterberry

The range of colors you get is awesome. I think I could live off of these colors alone. They cover all the bases. From nude to berry this set has you covered. I love every color in here and I think they will flatter just about every skin tone. The pencil on these is a good size too, not so big that your lips look sloppy.

Now on to the lip swatches. Enjoy.

my Sultry Sable face
my Radiant Rhubarb face
my Pouty Pomegranate face
my Wistful Winterberry face

Sorry for the corny rhymes, but I have to have my fun somehow. I really think this set is a winner. I love the pencils and the colors are all fabulous. I also love the formula. Its great if you love a matte lip (which you can take glossy in a hot minute).

You can get this set at Sephora and online (potentially on sale later this week) for (the steal of) $25.

The rundown: A+


4 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Hits All the High Notes

  1. Pomegranate and Winterberry are really calling out to me, and Rhubarb looks pretty, but Sable looks like the kind of color that tends to make me look sick, dead, or un-dead. I do have a friend who looks great in those colors, so I could pass it on to someone who would appreciate it. But maybe it would be just pink enough and dark enough to work for me — it looks good on you, and my skin tone is just a bit cooler than yours. I think my problem is that my natural lip color is rather dark, light lip colors just seem to drain all the color out of my face. But, since I love the rest of the set, maybe I should give this one a fair trial!


    1. I really love the set, with colors that make me look dead I like to either use a more colorful lip liner under it or a pink/peach gloss over. Its brings the life back to the lip.


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