Matte Shadows – A Fall Love Affair

some em’ some love

I know metallics are in and all that but, man, matte shadows in the fall time are my jam. It happens every year. The weather starts to cool, the leaves start to fall and, my matte shadows are back out on my vanity.

I don’t know what it is about this season that does it. I think its the pretty pink/plum cheeks. They just look so clean and beautiful with matte eyes. Plus matte eyes are super easy and look great on everyone. The picture above is of some of my favorites. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics, MAC shadows and, Bare Minerals mattes.

Do you have a look you go back to with a certain season? I find I enjoy trends but there are certain looks that are timeless. I always go back to those.


One thought on “Matte Shadows – A Fall Love Affair

  1. You certainly wear mattes very well! I still say you should try the Ultimate Neutral Mattes: Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage ;). You seem to mostly like warmer browns; a slightly cooler toned palette with more taupey colours that I’m really enjoying is the Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes palette. I hate her recent pathetic palette efforts, but this one is actually pigmented and the shades are just warm enough to provide cooler options for warmer skin tones if you know what I mean.
    My seasonal constants are slightly fuler coverage foundations for a/w, darker lips, wearing proportionally more lipsticks than glosses. And less bronzer LOLOL.


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