My Favorite Liquid Liners

Kat Von D liners all the way

I have tried out a lot of different liquid liners. I prefer pen style liners and, recently, I have found ones I love. Really love.

I love the Kat Von D liquid liners. I prefer the brush style tip of the Tattoo Liner, but the felt tip on the Ink Liner is also quite good. I have found that most liners with felt tips wear away very quickly and then you can’t get a good, sharp wing anymore. The Kat Von D version works very well and doesn’t go too dull too quickly. But that is the main reason I love the Tattoo liner, the brush doesn’t wear so you can always get a great wing.

Kat Von D Brush Tips

As I mentioned, I have tried many liners. I would have to say my next favorite is the Eyeko Eye Do liner (the tip on this one is felt, but it holds up very well). I like the Revlon pen liquid liner from the drugstore, but there is some variation in quality from liner to liner. Some of them are not as black, which is fine if you layer the pigment.

There is actually one liner I have tried that I dislike (which I usually don’t share since I don’t enjoy being negative, I would usually just not mention it but, I wanted to be honest). I have actually reviewed it here on the blog before, but it needs a serious amendment. I find the Stila liner that everyone loves just falls apart. The tip goes messy and blunt in a week, I swear. I don’t know if I’m especially hard on my liners, but no other I have used falls apart so quickly.

What liners do you love? I’m always looking to try others.


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