New Video – Get to Know Me

Hi guys! I wanted to make a video just chatting a bit about myself. Hopefully I answered some of your questions but please let me know if you have any more!

For video click here

Have a great Sunday!

6 thoughts on “New Video – Get to Know Me

  1. Another great video! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us. You are a very interesting person and I cannot really understand why you think you’re “weird” !! I come from a family counting 4 engineers (4 mechanical engineers LOL) of which one is my 26 year old cousin. I don’t see anything weird about it at all. I understand that having a more “serious” profession, though, women are often preoccupied with other things and may see makeup as shallow. It’s that way at my job; there are women who care about shoes and clothes a little, but no makeup lovers. I hope they never see my instagram LOLOL!

    But I was raised to believe that I could be anything I wanted (and for a long time I wanted to be an astronaut, haha!!) so I don’t find any career choice in a woman surprising. I get that there are still very few women in the purer sciences . But I am sorry that apparently your experiences have made you feel that there is something weird about being an engineer who embraces her feminine side!

    You are very lucky to be able to combine the analytical and creative sides of your personality so well. Good on you, too, that you keep up your blog despite your sometimes gruelling schedule.It’s so important for staying fullfilled all your life, and not feeling that your job is taking over parts of your personality that are important to you.

    I think that it’s awesome to have a voice to speak out for all the mathematically/techie inclined girls out there; there are loads of bloggers who speak to the purely creatives. I am not a girl (more a granny), but I would love to hear more about what your job entails, what you love about it, how you got there, and where you’d like to go.

    Also, your interior looks very tasteful. If you’re so inclined, interior posts are always welcome too ;).

    I hope this came out right, I am really tired and a bit incoherent but wanted to encourage you.


  2. I find it soo cool that you’re an engineer! Also, what camera do you use to film? I have a YouTube channel as well, FashionxLovesxBeauty, if you wanna check it out! I know the name’s weird, I made it years ago LOL


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