Dior Star Foundation Covers and Lasts

Dior Star Foundation

I started hearing a lot of great reviews of this foundation so I was curious enough to try it out. This foundation doesn’t come in a great shade range, or at least, I find the light shades get dark very quickly. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way (it may be because I have no shade in this range) but I ended up going lighter (which I prefer to darker) and got shade 010 Ivory.

the first picture is a bit blue, this is truer to shade but cropped out of another picture

I find this foundation is quite good. It has a serious medium coverage which is a bit buildable. It also lasts fairly well, though anything after the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light seems short lived on my skin. This lasts a good 8 hours before it starts to disappear on my t-zone. On my less oily cheeks it lasts all day.

bare faced, I have a lovely spot on my chin to help illustrate coverage
wearing Dior Star Foundation and, yes it is much too light for me (for reference I am about an NC/NW20 in MAC), but notice the lovely coverage

I haven’t fallen in love with this foundation. I think the color is really the issue. I have a hard time loving a foundation that is very clearly the incorrect shade for me. I also don’t love this enough to buy two colors and always mix my own shade. I’ve found longer lasting foundations with just as good (or better) coverage (I will always love my MUFE Mat Velvet+). So while this foundation is very nice, it didn’t steal my heart.

To correct the shade, I just use a powder that matches my skin tone which works like a charm and lasts all day (this is my biggest tip for poor foundation shade matches).

I honestly enjoy this foundation and, I think its a great longer lasting formula with good coverage and a nice glowy/skin like finish. I think a lot of people would love it, but it just didn’t steal my heart. You can get this foundation at Dior counters, online and, at Sephora for $50.

Have you guys tried this foundation? What foundations do you love (I’m in the mood for a new one lately).

The rundown: B+


3 thoughts on “Dior Star Foundation Covers and Lasts

  1. Great, I won’t spend time swatching this ;). I’m not a huge foundation ho. I swear by Nars Sheer Glow and also love Nars Radiant Creamy Compact foundation. If you can fidn your shades I also like Chanel Vitalumiere Acqua and Perfection Lumiere Velvet. My latest purchase was the Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation, which is a great formula and very long lasting. I don’t like the herbal scent, but it goes after an hour or so. Whether or not one likes it enough to pay the price is very personal though. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend it.
    (I seem to be a bigger ho than I thought, OMG!)


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