My Favorite Lip Liners

my favorite lip liner formulas

I wanted to round up my favorite lip pencil formulas since I think most people are not big on lip liners. I’m hoping if you try one of these three formulas you might change your mind.

from the left: NARS, Laura Mercier and, MAC

I love lip pencils because they make your lips look bigger, last a long time on the lips and, are easily paired with a gloss or chap stick for hydration and color. I’m a bit of a classic with my preferences. I like drier formulas since they seem to last longer on my lips and don’t smudge or bleed. They are also the more drying version of lip liners, but I am a big chap stick/lip balm girl, so it works out.

The NARS Velvet formula is actually the most hydrating of the three (crazy I know). The formula does dry down so I find it lasts beautifully and the color range on these is awesome. There is something for everyone.

The Laura Mercier lip liner formula is classic. Its dry, long wearing and, matte. The colors of these are all stunning and, I actually want every color she makes. I prefer these kinds of pencils since you sharpen the whole pencil, which I find always gets you a finer point.

The MAC lip liners were my first loves. I actually am not super crazy about all the colors in this line (sorry!) but Boldly Bare is so perfect its actually my favorite lip liner period. The formula is very similar to the Laura Mercier one, since its dry and long wearing.

swatches from the left: NARS, Laura Mercier and, MAC

I really hope you try some lip liners, I think they are a great way to wear lip color. Have you tried any lip liners you love? I would be happy to be enabled. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Lip Liners

  1. I’m not a big lipliner person. In fact, I can only think of two I own and occasionally use: Chanel (something Levres I’m sure) in Natural (perfect pinky nude) and Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. (also perfect pinky nude) LOL :).


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