Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are Thick and Pigmented

MUFE Artist Shadows

I was intrigued by the new MUFE Artist Shadows, so I decided to make myself a little trio. These can be purchased individually or in sets of two and three. The more shadows you get (and a palette to house them in) the cheaper the price per shadow, which I think is pretty neat.

MUFE Artist Shadows in I-514, M-536 and, I-606

These feel almost gel like when you first dip into them. They are very creamy and mega pigmented. I cannot stress the pigmented part enough. These shadows are crazy. They also blend beautifully, last all day (over a primer) and come in a whopping 210 shades.

Swatches from the Left: I-514, M-536 and, I-606

I made myself a quintessential “Natalie” color palette. A nice light shimmer for all over the lid, a good matte midtone brown and, a shimmery deeper color with some purple/plum. Well, you can’t say I’m not consistent.

Wearing the MUFE Artist Shadows

I really enjoy these shadows. I do. Its just, well, the formula is very thick. I think its something to do with the gel and high pigment but they feel almost think. I don’t know how else to explain it. I guess you could be very careful and only use a tiny bit, but I dunno, the texture has thrown me for a loop. I think these are really beautiful though, its just odd. Maybe I’ll get over it, you know I’ll let you guys know if I do.

Wearing MUFE Shadows

You can get this shadows at MUFE (they have standing stores about), online and, at Sephora for $21 each (but remember you can get them cheaper by buying them with a palette).

The rundown: B+ (the texture is just throwing me, they are very nice, really)

2 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are Thick and Pigmented

  1. I got these shadows in three bright, vibrant blue and green shades, D-236, ME-216, and ME-304, and I really love them. I think these work best when you want an intense, vibrant look, although the mattes probably work easily enough for more subtle looks. When you want vibrant and intense, it’s hard to do better than these shadows! Christine at Temptalia is really good at blending out the pinks and oranges to work as blushes, so apparently it can be done, but might be a little harder to do on eyes.


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