Five Traveling Makeup Tips

I know I have done posts on this topic before, but with the frequency I have been traveling lately, I wanted to update you guys on my 5 favorite tips.

Tarte Rainforest After Dark and Naked Flushed Palettes

1. Take palettes. I love all in one palettes like the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette, but cheek palettes like Naked Flushed or eye palettes are all great. Just take a palette. It saves space and provides a large plethora of looks for your time away. I usually take neutrals, but thats up to your taste.


2. Take minis. Not only are they super cute but they save space. Even when I’m not cramming a ton a liquids into a quart size bag, I find minis really help make the ton of products I take with me fit in a small space. Plus they are just so darn cute.

3. Take samples. Sorry for the lack of picture, but moral of the story, I know you spend a lot of time and money in Sephora or some department store (if you are here spending time reading this blog, lol). Go there. Ask for a sample size of your foundation, serum, moisturizer, primer, what have you. You spend money there to no end, some samples every once in a while is the least they could do. This is in the same vein as the minis, it just saves space and makes packing easier.


4. Take powders. I know this might be hard for those of us with dry skin or who simply do not enjoy powders. But it is just so much easier than taking a lot of liquids (when you are flying). No spilling, no leaking, no mess and, no ounce limits. I also suggest pressed powders, but loose can work too.

Few Lip Products

5. Take few lip products. I find I never wear a ton of different lippies while I am away. I tend to just grab for one color and something moisturizing. If I bring too many, they just sit unused (but I’m also mostly an eye person, so if you are all about the lips apply this to shadows).

What about you guys? Have any tips you always use when you are traveling? I hope you are having a good day so far. Happy hump day!!



4 thoughts on “Five Traveling Makeup Tips

  1. I always travel with a little bag full of years’ worth of accumulated Sephora samples! But I also want a good all-in-one palette. Any recommendations other than the Tarte?


  2. I agree with all except number 5. I never have fewer than 5 lip products on my person at any given time. (I lie, I usually have about 10 LOL!) It’s my security blanket. And even if I don’t change my eye look the whole time I’m away, I like to use a different blush sometimes, and with each blush one needs 3 lip options….LOLOL!


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