Naked2 Basics, a Powdery Love

oh boy oh boy oh boy

I picked this guy up at Sephora last week and, if you have been a reader of mine for a while, you know I love great matte shadows. I use my Naked Basics (the OG) all the time. Its just so handy. I was debating getting this one, since I’m not a huge cool toned shadow girl, but when I saw it in person I just caved. I had to have it (makeup addict talk there).

Since this guy is pretty new and exciting and all that, I’m going to be putting up my review of the Pulp Fiction palette next week (but in case you hadn’t heard yet, I love it!! Like a lot, like a ton).

Naked2 Basics

Okay back to this mostly matte neutral palette (Urban Decay is just churning them out right now). This guy comes with 6 shades, 5 matte and one shimmer/satin finish. The satin in this palette is Skimp, which is a cream/skin tone shade with shimmer (I really love this one). The mattes are a gradient in cool toned grey based shades. Stark is a bit pinky, which is pretty for under the brow or all over the lid. Frisk is a bit plummy/grey, also a great lid color or a very soft crease color (on my skin tone). Cover is a great crease shade, it has a bit of that purple undertone to it too (love it). Primal is a dark brown, pretty straight up (great for brows as well if you have dark hair). Last is Undone, which is a not-quite black shade. Its a bit grey and sooty. Not pitch black.

Naked2 Basics Swatched on my NC/NW20 Skin

Let me say, I really love this palette. Its very handy, the colors are great for eyes (and brows since they are quite cool toned!), they blend beautifully and, last all day over a primer without creasing (using the NARS primer since my eyes are as oily as the rest of me). I have one beef with this palette. The shadows are just way too powdery. They kick up so much powder when you dip your brush in. I guess its not a huge deal, but it just feels like such a waste of product (plus its just so messy). Just be sure to tap the brush off before going to the eyes and all is well. I will say I do not have this issue with Naked Basics (the OG).

wearing Skimp in the inner corner, Stark all over the lid, Cover in the crease and the liner is UD Perversion (the pencil) smudged into a cat eye (which I really love the look of with this eye makeup). Sorry about the brow, I was letting them go fairly natural so the front looks a little crazy. 

I have to say I do enjoy the palette and the looks I get from it. I think if you enjoy matte shadows, cool tones and, a convenient package this one is for you.

wearing Naked2 Basics on my eyes

You can get this palette online, at Sephora and, at Ulta for $29 (which I think is a great price for the quality and for 7.8g of product).

The rundown: A-



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