A Small Duty Free Haul

the goods

I was recently in the UK for work but, because of my crazy work life and since the trip was fairly short, I didn’t do any shopping. Like at all. Until I got to Heathrow for the flight back to the states. After the 11 hour days (the 5 hour time difference did not help at all mind you) I was banking on getting something at Duty Free since time for shopping otherwise was nonexistent.

I was planning on getting a new bottle of my daily go-to perfume (which I am mostly out of, beauty blogger achievement here!), Gucci Premier (the eau de parfum, gotta go for the full strength stuff). I found a huge bottle, at 2.5 floz. At this point I was basically done and happy (or so I thought).

Now this Duty Free was sneaky, while you stand there waiting to check out, there are more products lined up for your perusal. Which is exactly how I ended up getting the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. It was a trap, that is my only excuse (and I just love these lip products!).

I know I missed out on some great British and European beauty, but I am consoling myself with my giant bottle of perfume. I’ll just have to go back soon 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Small Duty Free Haul

  1. Your bosses must be grooming you for great things, with all that work :D. Glad you were able to shop a teeny bit and for the rest of the experience you’ll just have to go back :).


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