An Attempt at a Video

Happy Sunday everyone! I tried my very inexperienced hand at a youtube video of me (basically) applying my makeup. Mostly, the cropping and aspect ratio are pretty atrocious (but I think I know how to fix it). Let me know if you enjoy the content and I might try to do this more regularly (maybe once a week?).

Hope you enjoy!

Click here


3 thoughts on “An Attempt at a Video

  1. Yay, you made a video, so brave!!! I loved the chattiness lol. And the look was so pretty! I’m really feeling the need for Unlawful blush now; I just really am terrified of glitter. I saw none on you though and both you and Alison M loved it! Keep making videos, you’ll get less nervous :).


  2. Natalie, I just got a chance to watch the first Get ready with me! I thought it was awesome. I really love your makeup style. And I think you look even prettier in the video. I thought, for me, seeing how you apply eyeliner was super helpful. One thing though- Natalie, what is your job? Lol. Anyway, great job!


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