My Current Foundation Routine

the terrific trio

To start this off, I have very oily, acne prone skin. I have a lot to cover because of that, but the heat in the summer makes keeping anything on a bit of a challenge. I have been playing around with products and finally found a product combination that I have been loving.

I start with a thin layer of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (my review here) since it does not budge. Its a great base for oily skin. It doesn’t break apart or melt away. It really holds up on the skin all day. Its also perfect since it prolongs the wear of anything you put over it.

For concealer I have been loving my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (review here). I have been lazy these summer days and using it both under my eyes and on blemishes and other skin issues. It is possibly the only concealer I have found so far that correctly does both. It is mega high coverage, but the consistency blends amazingly, so it doesn’t look cakey on. Its been perfect.

I then set that whole shebang with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (review here). It has a bit of color to it, which I prefer in my setting powder (it keeps you from looking ashy, I think). This powder has a satin finish, so it looks very natural on. Its not very matte, so it doesn’t look harsh in the summer but its not sheeny so you don’t look oily before your’e actually oily (aka around 4 hours into my day).

What have you guys been loving this summer for base? Have you had a hard time finding a routine you love? I certainly did.


6 thoughts on “My Current Foundation Routine

  1. Sounds good! This summer was Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. I have the Nars concealer too, but somehow this summer the LM shade matched me better and creased less. I wouldn’t use it on blemishes though…I use either the Nars or else Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.


  2. sounds like a good routine, it’s always great when you find something that works. I’m totally addicted to double wear light aswell. It’s a really good foundation and one of the only ones that stays on my skin all day. I also cant get enough of primer because my skin is so dry. I blend together the two Maybelline BabySkin primers because it helps keep my make-up in place and gives me a little bit of a natural glow:)


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