Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light Has Me Aglow

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

I was on the hunt for a new highlighter and a very sweet follower of mine on Instagram (you can see my page here, I post some life pictures as well so its not all beauty) recommended Hourglass Luminous Light.

I love setting my whole face with the Diffused Light powder, which is more of a sheen finish. Luminous has a bit more kick to it, so its a really beautiful highlight. Its not glittery or even all that sheeny, its very subtle on the skin. The color is an almost bronze/champagne shade, which is my favorite for highlighting since it also adds some warmth to the face. Plus that color looks very natural on my almost olive (but fair, somehow) skin tone.

from the left: Luminous Light swatched heavily and then blended out

I really love the look of this on the skin, its not chalky so it smooths right into the skin and looks naturally lit from within. Since I have oily skin I look for products that aren’t too glowy. They can just make me look like an oil slick. This one looks beautiful and soft on the skin without crossing the oil slick line. It also lasts all day on me, which is just gravy. I also really love Radiant Light for this, if your skin is a darker tone than mine, or just for a bronzey look.

This is an expensive love no doubt (at $45 for the compact) but the effect on the skin is stunning. I have been using it religiously since I got it. I especially love using this under blush, which gives it an extra “lit from within” effect.

You can get this stunner of a highlighter online and, at Sephora.

The rundown: A+


6 thoughts on “Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light Has Me Aglow

  1. Hi Natalie, I love these powders too. I just bought the one with the three powders in it. I’ve been using it with one of those brushes that are tow colors with two different kinds of hairs. Is that what you’re using too or do you have a better way to do it? Especially with the diffused one you put on your whole face?


    1. I’m so glad you love them! For Diffused Light I like just using a big natural bristle brush for all over. Since the powders are so light and fine anyway, I don’t use the two colored duo fiber brushes, but I’m sure that would apply the powder beautifully as well.


  2. This looks like such a nice powder! I should give my Ambient Lighting palette more love. I am now following you on instagram ;). (I am @essentiallyann )


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