My Must-Have Eyeshadow Brush Shapes (emphasis on the shapes)

the lineup

















I wanted to do a post on the eyeshadow brush shapes I find the most useful for doing eye makeup. With the upcoming fall heavy eye makeup is back (plus every brand is all about their new eyeshadow formula). Personally, I love the Wayne Goss brushes (which you can get at Beautylish) which are all the brushes pictured here, but this post is actually all about the shapes. Certain brush shapes just really make eyeshadow application much easier and I am all about easy makeup.

something flat

First (and this is really the only optional one) is a flat shader brush. You kind of don’t need this, since you can pack on color with your fingers perfectly well mind you (and you get less fallout with fingers) or get a sheer application with a fluffy brush but, I digress. These are very useful and most of us have one or two (at least) of these lying around. These are great for applying color all over the lid or under the brow. Useful, if not absolutely necessary.

detail brushes

Detail brushes are must haves for me, if you are not going to be doing anything too technical or have larger eyes, these are not as necessary (but still convenient). For me, these are all my lower lash line ever sees. These brushes can keep your lower lash line from going too heavy when you smoke it out, smudge out liner or, place color in very specific areas. I love using a tiny fluffy brush on the inner corners of my eyes for a blended highlight. They are also great for applying a dark color to your outer corners. Then use a larger brush to blend.

the blending brushes

These are the stars of this post. Blending brushes are the workhorses of my eyeshadow brushes. I love having a big one all the way to a smaller one so I can build depth in the crease easily. Use a bigger brush with a nice mid-tone color that you slap all over the place and then use a smaller crease brush with a darker shade for more definition. Blending brushes are also great for applying under brow highlights when you want them soft (like if you are using shimmer and its not the 80’s) or if you want to apply a pretty sheer wash of color over the lids. Really, I could just use these and be happy, no joke.

Its also good to have a variety of shapes for your blending brushes. I love a good tapered-to-a-point brush for more precise work, but a big conical one is great for buffing it all out. Another great shape anything like the MAC 217 (infamous I swear). Those blending brushes are conical shaped but pinched in one direction so you kind of have a fluffy flat brush. Its super blendy (yes that is a word) in only one direction, so you can be more precise.

What are your must have brush shapes? I’m not a big pencil brush girl myself but, I know lots of people love them (I find them scratchy).


6 thoughts on “My Must-Have Eyeshadow Brush Shapes (emphasis on the shapes)

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of Wayne Goss brushes! I have three so far (the foundation brush and 2 eyeshadow brushes), and I am very impressed by the quality! It’s annoying that the brand is no longer available on any UK-based webshops, because having them shipped from the US will be much more of a pain (oh I’ll figure something out)!

    My personal absolute must-have eyeshadow brushes is something like MAC 217 (I can use it both for a sheer wash of color as well as blending everything out) and a pencil brush. My eye shape benefits a lot from a highlighter in the inner corners as well as some eyeshadow smudging out the gel/pencil liner on my lower lash line. I find that a pencil brush is the only way to get both jobs done!


    1. I know, hehe, I got a bit addicted earlier this year and got a ton of them (whoops). I actually first heard about them from you 🙂 you enabler you. I hope you figure something out, they are great quality, does Beautylish ship to you?

      I love the shape of the MAC217 (and hopefully the makeup hoards don’t attack me for this) but I find it scratchy on the eyes so I don’t like the MAC one actually. I wish I looked better with a smudgy lower lash line, its just so beautiful! I love that look on you.


  2. Okay, so I wish you’d do a video tutorial because I think the way you do your eyes is so just amazing and perfect. I’ve looked at colors that look so like BIG and loud and you turn them into muted gorgeous colors that are just right. I just don’t know what to do with the brushes and how to apply eye color really well. Your eye makeup is the business girl! Teach the masses!


    1. Thank you so much Amanda! I might try doing a video and see how it comes out. I tried doing videos in the past, but was never happy with my video and lighting quality (I’m a bit of a perfectionist :P). You’re so sweet! ❤


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