A Haul – Heavy on the Eyeshadow and Repurchases

the goods

I ended up getting into a bit of retail trouble lately. With the new fall collections (always my favorite makeup shades of the year) and everyone and their mother redoing eyeshadow formulas, I was doomed.

I did snag some repurchases, since I just cannot be without these. The Hourglass Veil Primer in the 2oz version (best bang for your buck and I can’t live without it so…it happened). I also restocked my favorite cleanser, the Shiseido Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam  (which I would only recommend to the acne afflicted, most others will find it very drying on the skin).

Okay, now for the fun stuff. I have tried two of the three products pictured, so I’ll give a quick mini review with them. I grabbed the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light since I am on the hunt for a great highlighter (Its fabulous. More details in a post at some point, but its very natural and beautiful. Emphasis on the natural, which I like with my oily skin).

A Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Soundtrack (haven’t tried this one yet but I love the formula of these shadows). This guy was part of my gold eyeshadow frenzy. The two goldy/coppery shades just look stunning, I couldn’t pass it up.

Lastly I grabbed one of the new MAC quads from their A Novel Romance collection (the promo shots for this collection are just perfectly hilarious). This quad is in An Amorous Adventure and the color combination just got me super excited (the shades are pigmented and blend beautifully, its a great quality quad in my opinion). Do you ever look at a quad or collection of colors that you wouldn’t have put together yourself and think “oh yeah, I can do that, why didn’t I think of it before!?”. This quad did that for me. Whenever a makeup product does that for me, I buy it. It means your collection will excite and inspire you, which is kind of the whole point right?

Anyway, thats what I picked up on my last shopping trip. What have you gotten lately that has you excited? Have you repurchased anything you cannot live without?

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was extra long with Labor Day here in the US, which I truly appreciated since work has been crazy. What did you do? Anything fun? I went to a wedding, it was beautiful and a great time, just how a wedding is supposed to be.


One thought on “A Haul – Heavy on the Eyeshadow and Repurchases

  1. What a lovely haul. I am so excited to hear about Luminous Light. And I’m so glad you got a bit of R&R in!! I am back at work this week after my holiday and I am already shattered LOL.


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