Vitamin C – A Miracle Product for My Skin

Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Line

I reintroduced vitamin c to my skin care regimen recently and I have to say, I don’t know why I ever stopped using it. My skin just loves it.

One of my biggest skin problems is acne and, with acne comes dark after acne spots (so lovely). I have a hard time getting those dark spots to move on their merry way once they have decided to set up shop on my face. Since I am quite fair, they really do stand out and I find I cover up more post-acne spots than actual acne (acne, the gift that never stops giving).

The one ingredient that has really made a big difference in my pigmentation issue is vitamin c. Its really helps to brighten and tone the skin. I use Ole Henriksen products, but many brands have vitamin c rich lines (I just prefer Ole Henriksen). Even if your skin is just uneven in tone or dull, I would suggest a vitamin c product since it will brighten and even out your skin.

I use vitamin c at night since the energy of the suns rays degrades the active molecules in vitamin c, making it useless for your skin. If you are using a good SPF during the day, it will help, but basically vitamin c and sun is a no-no. If you are more interested in the chemistry going on, let me know (I’m such a nerd) I can write something up on it.

Vitamin C also boosts collagen and cell turnover, which is great for preventative anti-aging (you can never start that stuff early enough).

I really just love skin care with vitamin c in it and I wanted to point out the benefits in case any of you are facing the same acne filled issues I am. I find the Ole Henriksen products really help my skin and I would recommend them to someone facing the same acne issues I am. They are not harsh on the skin and I think they will work beautifully on all skin types (but always start with a sample, its skin care not a pair of jeans).


3 thoughts on “Vitamin C – A Miracle Product for My Skin

  1. Hey great review. I like this line too. But I can’t stop myself from letting you know it’s Henriksen not Hendrickson. I enjoy your posts so I just wanted to give you a heads up.


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