An Eyeshadow Kick – Gold

the gold shade in NARS Alhambra

Chatty post again (I hope you don’t mind), I have been on a very serious eyeshadow kick. Mostly with gold shadows but, more truly, with just shadow in general. Do you ever get into a phase of buying the same kind of product a lot? Like going to Sephora and walking out with three new eyeshadow palettes (none of which you need, mind you).

I do this all the time. I tend to buy product types in bulk on rotation. Like I’ll get on a blush kick and buy a whole slew of them and then get over it and buy a ton of foundations. Right now its eyeshadows. If a palette or duo or single (heck I don’t care what form it is) has a gold shadow in it, I need it. I don’t know why. Do you guys do this? Or is it just my makeup insanity?

wearing the gold from NARS Alhambra all over my lid

Anyway, as part of my current gold shadow spree I have fallen in love with NARS Alhambra (the gold side). I just love it, I figured I would mention something useful in this long chatty post. Its a good duo, I’m thinking of doing a review soon, but you know how I feel about NARS shadows. Anyway, if you were curious, thats what it looks like on.

I tend to go back to the basics when I get on a craze like this, so I am buying simple and classic shadow colors. I guess I get bored of my stash every once in a while and just need something new but, I really need to stop. The amount of eyeshadow is just getting silly. Just wait, you will be seeing a barrage of eyeshadow reviews in the near future (I hope you like them!).

Happy hump day guys!


7 thoughts on “An Eyeshadow Kick – Gold

  1. I love this color on you! I’ve been using a gold Jouer eyeshadow. I don’t know why I didn’t realize sooner that gold eyeshadows are a great neutral that make a person look awake. Yay! The NARS eyeshadows at the top of your blog are gorgeous!


    1. Thank you! Gold is a fun neutral since it’s just a bit different. I’m so happy you found it! I’m glad you like the banner (I just changed it) they are the NARS Dual Intensity Shadows.


  2. Nice post!! I have Alhambra too. I have just returned from 2 weeks’ holiday in Italy and I used to powder eyeshadow there, though. I had two eye looks: Bobbie Brown Longwear Eyeshadow stick in Rose Gold on the inner two thirds of the lid and Sand Dune on the outer third and in the crease, or Chanel New Moon Illusion d’Ombres all over the lid and Laura Mercier Amethyst in the crease. LOL!


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