Becca Shadow & Light (I’m cutting the name here) is Perfect for Contouring

Becca Shadow and Light Bronze Contour Perfector (to be referred to as Becca Shadow and Light because that name is just too long people, too long)

I just love a great contour, I really do. With fall looming I have been on the hunt again for some contour products. I know the NARS Contour Blush is burning a hole in my vanity, but I wanted something a bit deeper in tone (since I’m just a smidge tan at the moment, its kind of a miracle since I’ve been working tons and that means an office all day, but I digress).

swatches of Becca Shadow & Light

I love this product (I couldn’t wait to tell you). The deeper color is so fabulous for contouring, its not totally flat, but it is more of a satin, which I think can look more natural on the skin (no ones skin is matte naturally, no matter how much I wish mine was). There is also a bronze shade which has some beautiful gold shimmer to use as a bronzer. Now, why is this product genius? Well, you can use that great deep shade to contour and then take the golden bronze and blend that contour while bronzing your face. The result? An amazingly natural contour that is super easy to achieve.

wearing Becca Shadow and Bronze (only) on my cheeks

I love using bronzers to blend out contour, or even just use the bronzer as contour. But in the first case I have to grab for another compact (which, since I am lazy, rarely happens) or a one dimensional contour. No good either way. This guy is just so convenient! It makes my lazy heart sing. It helps that the powders are amazingly creamy, easy to blend and, last all day over a good foundation on me. The only down side is that these are a bit powdery in the pan, so they do kick up product when you dip your brush in. Which is a bummer but, I can live with it.

wearing the deep shade in the hollows of my cheeks and the bronze shade all over my cheek (basically as my blush)

I use the deep shade in the pictures above to contour and, if you are interested, I did a blog post about how I contour (check it out here). It is a makeup application technique I am a bit serious about but, you don’t have to be as intense as I am (do your makeup however makes you happy!). You can also mix these shades together and get a nice deep bronze glow, but I’m enjoying them separately for now.

You can get this wonder product (that I am fully in love with) at Sephora and online for $40.

The rundown: A+


One thought on “Becca Shadow & Light (I’m cutting the name here) is Perfect for Contouring

  1. This looks stunning on you! I was wondering about this product since I love Becca, but it has been getting mixed reviews. I’m glad you like it; I may try it sometime too!!


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