Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

I loved the Eyeko Eye Do mascara, so I have been on the hunt for Black Magic, which is marketed as a dramatic full-on mascara. I found a mini of this guy at my local Sephora as part of a duo, you get one in black and one in blue (plus I was about to go on a business trip, so obviously I needed a new mini mascara). I have been using the black one for a few weeks now and I wanted to tie you guys in.

I think the real issue is that I had very high hopes for this product. This mascara is by no means bad. By no means. I think after the love I had for the Eye Do mascara I figured this one would knock my socks off. Its really good, I was just expecting great. Its super black, lasts all day on me and, it does lengthen and volumize. I love the curved brush since it grabs the outer lashes and make my eyes more cat-y, which I am all about.

bare lashes
wearing Black Magic mascara

I mean it, this mascara is great. I was just expecting the stars and, the moon and, the kitchen sink. I find it provides a nice balance of volume and length without clumping up. Its a really great everyday mascara, I just find I can get more dramatic results from other mascaras (as in more volume, since that is my jam). A great all rounder mascara, I just went into the experience with very high expectations. I also think as it dries out more I will like it more, I’m just a dry formula kind of girl.

You can get this mascara at Nordstrom, Amazon (yes Amazon is a carrier of Eyeko, its amazing) and, Sephora for $24.

The rundown: B+


2 thoughts on “Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

    1. Thank you Sunny! I can get more volume with some mascaras but the length is pretty great with this one. I think your lashes look great! The curl is always spot on.


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