A New Hairspray Obsession: Kenra Volume 25

Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray

I got bored of my old hairspray and honestly I stopped using it (not that I’m a huge hairspray person anyway). But I do like using hairspray to set a style when I go to the effort of making one. I picked this guy up during a weak moment at Ulta (only one of many). This hairspray is not joking around. It is strong hold. I highly suggest spraying from an arm length away to get more of a light mist over your hair.

The volumizing claim is very true. I have fine hair and super heavy hairsprays can make me look a bit like a wet dog. Thankfully, this one does not attach my hair to my scalp. I don’t mind the smell of this, but thats something that will change person to person.

The hold is where this guy really wins. Its a strong hold hairspray, so it does really hold a style. I find that this means I can use very little from far away (its all about the mist) and it will work. I really do prefer to use less of a strong hold than more of a weak hold hairspray. I find my hair style just lasts better that way. I do not find this hairspray crunchy, but you need to understand that less is more with this guy. If you spray it really close to your head or use a lot, it will get crunchy. Be warned.

People tend to complain that this hairspray dries out their hair, honestly I use this so infrequently I haven’t had that problem. I don’t find this hairspray more drying than others, since all hairsprays are drying (its the alcohol content).

Overall, I really love this hairspray. It works for me and I can see how it wins stylist choice awards (apparently its a 9 time winner for best hairspray). Its strong hold without the crunch! You can get this hairspray for $17 for 10oz at salons that carry Kenra, Ulta and, online.

The rundown: A

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