Givenchy Le Rouge in 202 Rose Dressing Has Opened My Eyes

Givenchy Le Rouge

I heard about this lipstick from another blogger, well actually, quite a few bloggers. It seems to be a high end lipstick favorite and I have to say I was mega curious. Sephora was (or still is since it was very recently) offering a sample of this lipstick in shade 202 for 100 points. I honestly would have taken it regardless of the color since I was just so dang curious about the formula at that point.

Givenchy 202 Rose Dressing

The formula claims to be semimatte and long lasting, and it is both. I find it a very interesting texture, I actually haven’t felt anything like it before. Its almost powdery on the lips, but somehow not in a drying way. Its almost confusing, but its so good, I can’t help but like it. Its not drying. Even with the powdery (ish) finish. I find it can settle in lines in my lips but since the formula isn’t full on matte, it doesn’t make lips look dry.

Givenchy Le Rouge in 202 Rose Dressing

I don’t know how to explain it. The formula is really unique. I’m kind of addicted. The shade range of these lipsticks is also phenomenal. The nude is just stunning and they have lots of great rose shades and a fabulous red (love). You might be able to tell, I’m scoping out the range for a full sized purchase of one of these. I’ve tried other high end lipsticks before, but this formula is by far the most unique (and in a really great way). The color is also just stunning. Rose Dressing 202 is a great bright pink for summer. Its beautiful.

wearing Givenchy Le Rouge in 202 Rose Dressing

Overall, I love this lipstick. If you are into semimatte finishes, long lasting lipsticks (4-5 hours on my lips) and, are in the mood for a splurge I could not recommend these lipsticks more. They are worth it. You can get Le Rouge lipsticks at Givenchy counters, online and at Sephora for $36.

The rundown: A+


2 thoughts on “Givenchy Le Rouge in 202 Rose Dressing Has Opened My Eyes

  1. Very pretty colour on you, and what blush are you wearing in the picture? I have yet to try anything Givenchy. (Well, I ordered a pair of Givenchy sandals this summer but they ran so ginormous to size I didn’t know how fast to return them, and I didn’t even try to find them 3 sizes smaller LOLOL!


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