A Bronze Polish, OPI Brizbane Bronze

wearing OPI Brizbane Bronze

This polish first came out years ago as part of an OPI Australia (I think?) collection but has since made its way into the permanent line (thankfully). I love metallics on nails since they are still kind of a neutral but with a little more flair.

For the summer I love using bronzes on my nails and toes (toes are a great way to start if you aren’t into bronze on your fingers yet). Its the summery metallic. I get great wear time out of this polish at 3-4 days (I have ver chippy nails). I am wearing two coats above and I get opaque, non-streaky color (I have ridgey nails if you see lines above).

I really love this shade of bronze, it can lean cooler or warmer based on the lighting and your skin tone, but there are tons of gold sparkles in it. You can get this polish at salons that carry OPI and Ulta for about $9 (prices can varry).

What color polish do you love to wear in the summer? Do you like bronze polish? Have you tried it?

The rundown: A


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