Tanned This Summer with St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

If you are like me and have a job inside a building (a nice place but, a building nonetheless) you don’t see much sun. I know I don’t. This summer I stepped into the world of self tanner to combat my pale skinned self. I have always been terrified of self tanner, mostly because of the possibility that I miss a spot or a pass and end up striped or patchy.

After looking around at the options I heard the most positive reviews of the St. Tropez mousse self tanner. I got the mitt to go with this. The deal is that you dispense some of the foam onto the mitt and then use quick, smooth motions to rub the product over your skin. This mousse dries quite quickly, so I would recommend using small amounts in small sections and just keep blending! Since this product has a guide color its very easy to see where you have distributed the product (which is extremely helpful).

My favorite part of this product is how quickly it dries down on the skin. After only about a minute (but I usually wait about 5) the product dries down and won’t rub off on clothes or sheets (so long as you don’t get wet). I like to apply this at night after a good exfoliation and light application of body cream (helps it blend). The next morning you wash off in the shower and you are tan (magic!).

Well, not really magic. This self tanner (and basically all others) cause a chemical reaction with the top layer of your skin. Since the reaction is on the top layer of your skin (which sheds off) the tan lasts about 3-4 days on me (length of time the tan lasts will vary by person).

This tanner will cause a different color tan on whoever uses it but, on me I find its a very natural golden tan. Its not orange or red but, a solid golden. Its also a light tan when you use it once (you can use it again before the tan fades to deepen the color). I do find that this doesn’t smell immediately after application but, it does start to after a few hours. It smells like Fritos (seriously). But since I apply at night I usually sleep through the smelly part.

All in all, this venture into self tanning with St. Tropez has been very nice. I did not see any streaking and the color faded evenly. I did not turn orange either (serious plus).

If you are interested in trying out a self tanner, this one is great for beginners (its pretty fail safe with the mitt). I really enjoyed the color and simple application. I have used this multiple times now and, I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try self tanner for the first time or even a pro who wants to try a higher end self tan.

You can get this product at Sephora, online, at Ulta or Nordstrom for $42 for 8 floz.

The rundown: A (and sorry for the wordy post)


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