Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip

Fresh recently came out with a new color of the Sugar Lip Treatments. You might know if you have been reading my blog for some time but,I love these things. I think I actually have (at least a mini) one of every color they make. I love moisturizing lip products with some color, especially during the summer.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip Swatched on my NC/NW20 skin

The shade is kind of fabulous. Its a blue toned, bright pink. Like beautifully, fresh and, fun bright pink. Its so perfect for summer. I find that this Lip Treatment actually leaves a stain on my lips which, I am assuming is a by product of how bright it is. The color payoff of this Lip Treatment is great, I find it very opaque without looking heavy or thick on the lips. It looks more juicy (I hope that makes sense).

wearing Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip

If you are a fan of this lip product (which has a light formula, is hydrating and, provides a wash of color). I think Tulip is a great color and, I love that they released it in the summer since its just one of those uplifting summer lips. The price is steep but, I find the Sugar Lip Treatments are staples of mine,Β so I’m willing to shell out for a product I love and I know works for me.

You can get the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments for $22.50 online and at Sephora. Tulip is the newest shade but, I love all the other shades as well (Coral is another great one for summer).

The rundown: A+



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