So…You Need to Conceal Some Stuff

With summer well underway temperatures are rising  (and so is my oil production). I hope I am not the only one dealing with some unwanted spots and such. Concealing these spots is hard work, and sometimes those raised, red bumps fight against the whole process (annoying buggers).

I wanted to cover my two concealing techniques, one with liquid concealers and the other with solid concealers.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

With liquid concealers (which are best when your skin around the pimple is dry since they are more forgiving of that kind of thing) I apply it all over my face (where needed) and then I let it set up some. Do not blend this in right away. These concealers have more coverage when you let them start to get a little thicker and set some.

Once you give them a few seconds to get all creamy, pat them in with rolling motions. Do not swipe. This will take longer to blend out, but it will conceal the spot more effectively. Also, if the spot is raised, do not press directly on it. Press around the spot to blend in the edges as pressing on it will remove the concealer there and reveal the redness. This is especially easy if the spot is raised, since the most pressure will be applied to the top of the raised area and push the concealer down and off it (pressure is a force applied over an area, and if the area is uneven the force will be as well, nerdy moment achieved).


Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

For solid concealers, which start thick and tend to be dryer, you want to press them directly on the spot and use your fingers the warm it up. The warmth of your finger will help the get the concealer to apply sheerer and appear less cakey on the skin. Again, be sure to use a patting/rolling motion so you don’t wipe away your concealing work.

You can leave these concealers on the skin for a few seconds to help them warm up and blend more easily (this is called baking a product on the face), but you can also use your fingers to warm it up if you don’t have the time to wait. With these concealers I like to layer, which helps the concealer blend in.

What are your tips and tricks for concealing the evil that are pimples? I find these tricks work well for me and, I hope they work well for you too!


4 thoughts on “So…You Need to Conceal Some Stuff

  1. Great tips! i am too old for pimples (yay old age LOL) but I bought Secret Camouflage to conceal some pigmentation marks a while back. They have subsequently faded completely, but if I ever need to use it again I’ll know how now, thanks! Have a good weekend.


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