Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 564 Sundeck Brings the Summer Feeling to your Eyes

Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 564 Sundeck

The Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 564 Sundeck is a limited edition palette that is out as part of the Dior summer collection. I saw this guy come out (and pretty much per usual) waited to hear some reviews on it before shelling out the rough and rude $61.

Dior 564 Sundeck

Verdict came back from some reviewers I trust that this palette was a hit. I love warm tones on my eyes, so I grabbed it. I have to say, I really am enjoying it. The colors are beautiful and I love the orange shade in the middle (its a stunner). The shades are a matte cream (basically the color of my skin, which you will see in the swatches below), a shimmery pinky-peach, the amazing shimmer orange, a shimmery bronze and, a matte purple toned dark brown/black shade.

Dior Sundeck Swatched on my NC/NW20 skin (thats the matte cream all the way on the left, I promise its there)

All the shades are really great, I even love the matte cream color since its great for a highlight under the brow or even to help blend out other colors. The dark purple is a bit patchy (see da swatch) but over other shadows/a primer it blends very nicely (and there is always that cream shade to help you out). Don’t be afraid of the orange! Its really beautiful in the crease or used just above the crease to warm it all up.

wearing the peachy/pink on the inner corner, the bronze on the outer 1/2 of the lid, the cream under my browbone, the orange lightly in the crease and a tiny bit of the purple in the outer corner

I really love these shades for summer and, the formula of these is quite good. I didn’t see any fallout and besides the purple shades all the colors were very smooth and easy to blend. Over a primer these guys didn’t crease on me after a 9 hour day either (none too shabby). I also really like the range of colors from light to dark, so you can get some really nice depth to a look if you want.

wearing Dior Sundeck on my eyes

If you fancy this expensive (as heck) palette (its nice to have a splurge now and again, and this one is worth it in my opinion) you can grab them this summer (hurry guys, limited edition) for $61 at Dior counters, online or at Sephora.

The rundown: A-


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