NARS Eye Paint in Tatar is a Brown Eyed Beauties BFF

NARS Tatar Eye Paint

Ever since I fell in love with the NARS Eye Paint in Ubangi (the black with blue glitter) I have been looking out for the next Eye Paint to grab. Tatar is a black with purple glitter which is just beautiful on brown and hazel eyes.

NARS Eye Paint in Tatar

I love using these Eye Paints as liners, but they are also amazing as bases for shadow or even smudged along the lower lash line. They are very creamy and then set down and last. I love using colored liner during the summer or anytime I want a little something different. Its a great way to add some color to a look without it being obvious or overboard.

wearing NARS Eye Paint in Tatar

This eye paint goes on mostly black, but when the light catches it the purple glitter shows up big time. Its very flattering on just about every eye color (but especially brown and hazel). I love these Eye Paints and I am sure more colors will be joining my collection. If you are looking for a great purple liner/shadow base you should give this a swatch. Its a stunner. You can get Tatar Eye Paint online, at NARS counters or at Sephora for $25.

The rundown: A+


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