bare Minerals Ready 8.0 in Power Neutrals is all I Need This Summer

bare Minerals Ready 8.0 Power Neutrals

This palette came out a good while ago, but I very much on the fence about it. I love bare Minerals eyeshadows, they have amazing texture and pigmentation, but its another neutral palette. More than that, its a cool toned neutral palette and frankly I prefer warmer colors on my eyes.

Of course, I ended up caving. I am actually very glad I did. As I mentioned, these shadows are amazing quality. They are all buttery soft and creamy, super pigmented and, last all day on my lids.

from the left: Get Ahead, Magnate, Payday, Exec, Boardroom, Schmooze, Moneymaker, Boss Lady

As far as the colors go, they are cool. There are four (4!) matte shades, clearly I am already in love. There are cream, medium taupe and, dark brown mattes which is just perfect, since this palette then lends itself to an all matte, defined eye. There is also a matte khaki green, which is just super fun and awesome. I love that this color is a bit different, especially since its so pretty. The real knockout is the cool bronze shimmer shade. Its just stunning. I would be a bit careful, as the shimmer particles can find their way to your cheeks if you don’t tap-tap-tap. All the other colors had no fall out that I could see, not even the deep dark brown Boardroom. The greys are shimmery, with the lighter grey being less shimmery. The last color is a white with shimmer particles interspersed.

wearing bronze Schmooze, medium taupe Get Ahead and Boss Lady as a highlight

Personally, I really love this palette. I think the quality is great and you can create a huge range of looks. I love that it has enough mattes in it for a complete look. This palette will really take me through the summer since I tend to wear easy and lighter eye makeup. Plus that bronze is just perfect. I love a good cool toned bronze, since its just a little different.

You can get this palette for $40 at bare Minerals, online and at Sephora for $40.

The rundown: A+

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