Wayne Goss 11 and 14 Brushes

from the top: Wayne Goss 14 and 11brushes

My boyfriend got me some Wayne Goss Face Set brushes for my birthday. I think my face looked just about like this.

very excited

He got me the number 11 and number 14 brushes that came out earlier this year as part of the Face Set. The number 11 is a medium dense brush that I absolutely love using it to apply mineral and pressed powder foundations. It packs on just the right amount of coverage, since its not very dense my foundations never look cakey.

from the left: Wayne Goss 11 and 14 brushes

The number 14 brush is a very loose and flexible brush. The bristles are very long and, its perfect for applying a small amount of powder anywhere. Be it highlighter, blush or setting powder. Any time you want to just add a little bit of powder to the face. I love using it for blush especially and its also great for blending anything at all out some more (blending is my life).

I have been using Wayne Goss brushes for a while now, about six months, and all the brushes are holding up great. They are all super soft and apply makeup like a dream. I truly think they are high quality and, if you are looking to treat yourself to some nice brushes, I don’t think you’ll regret these.

how I feel about these brushes *love*

You can get the number 11 brush for $48 and the number 14 brush for $33 at Beautylish.


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