Urban Decay All Nighter Spray Brightens and Holds

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

With the recent heat and my oily (oily) skin I decided to try out the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I tried De-Slick once and didn’t end up seeing much oil control, but I figured I would try the original to see if it prolonged makeup wear.

First of all, this really works. I find it noticeably elongates my makeup wear time. I got the small trial bottle and after taking this guy to Florida for a weekend and experiencing 90F plus temperatures, I am fully converted. This stuff works. Hairspray for your face, and in the best way.

Second of all, when you spray this on after you have applied all your makeup it melts it all together and it all ends up feeling very light and easy on the skin. I just love how it removes the feeling of heavy makeup and leaves you feeling like nothing is on your skin. I’m a little addicted.

Thirdly, it adds a serious glow to your skin. I am the biggest lover of matte foundation, but this stuff might have changed my mind. It gives this beautiful glow to the skin and just makes your makeup look blended and seamless. Can you see the difference below? I’m hoping its not all in my head, but it could be.

my makeup before All Nighter
after using All Nighter Setting Spray

Fourth, the bottle is just great. I love the small size for travel (as mentioned previously) but the spray nozzle on this stuff is amazing. It distributes the liquid in a very thin and even mist over the face. You don’t end up with any drops or sections of your face where it didn’t apply. The product and the packaging both just work (and many times that is not the case).

You can get this product online or at Sephora for $30 for the 4oz and $14 for 1oz.

The rundown: A+ Totally Addicted Status


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