NARS Kauai Revisited

NARS Portobello and NARS Kauai

When I reviewed the Kauai Duo (new for Spring and thankfully now permanent) I did a more wearable look using the amazing gold in the duo. But that purple. It just screams smokey eye goodness. I couldn’t resist.

wearing NARS Portobello in my crease to blend and the purple from NARS Kauai on my lid

The purple shade has this amazing blue shimmer/shift to it, which you can hopefully catch in the picture above. Its just stunning, since it gives the smokey eye some life. I really just used that and then I grabbed some NARS Portobello to blend out the crease (any midtone brown will really work).

I made the shadow wing out with my liner (super fun) using some scotch tape (great trick). Then I blended like mad since I’m not into the sharp shadow look. I think I need some more color on my lips, but I love this eye look. I can see it getting even more fun with the gold on the bottom lash line (it would be so fierce).

I think I’m going to be using this smokey eye for a long time to come. This duo is just amazing. What smokey eye do you gravitate towards? My brown eyes tend to drag me to purples, but I also love browns and silvers (all great brown eye colors). What is your going out (or sitting on your couch after playing with makeup) look going to be this summer? I’m always so curious (and nosey, lets be real).


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