Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Light Tan

Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Light Tan

I have recently been on a bronzer kick. I just can’t seem to stop buying them. So of course I was at Sephora looking at bronzers and the makeup artist used this one on me, I was in love. Its just the perfect realistic tan.

Light Tan swatched on my NC/NW20 skin

The color is not a typical bronzer shade (as far as I’ve seen) this one has quite a bit of red undertone. I know this sounds totally crazy, but the little red tint makes it look like an actual tan. The bronzer is also totally matte and blends like a dream, so the natural look is both in the color and the formula.

I find it lasts all day on my skin too, which is a serious plus. I am absolutely enamored with the color, its just perfect. Its not all in your face red, but just enough to look good without looking like a sunburn. Its hard to explain, but very beautiful on the skin.

wearing Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Light Tan on my cheekbones, hair line and along my jaw. No blush is on in this picture.

You can get this bronzer online, at Bobbi Brown counters and at Sephora for $38. It also comes in a range of tones (all with that amazing red hint) if you are deeper than me (lets be honest, most people are).

The rundown: A+


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