Powder Foundation Series – Benefit Hello Flawless

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder in 02 Shell

With the weather warming up I am turning more and more to my powder foundations. They soak up my oil and feel so much lighter on my skin in warm (read: sweaty) weather. I know powder foundations are not for everyone, but I really think there are a range of finishes and if you have an open mind, one will work for just about everyone. This week I will be reviewing 5 of the powder foundations I currently use. I am a bit broken out as well, so I figured it would be the perfect time (true tests of coverage coming up this week!). There will be a picture of me bare faced and then with just the powder foundation on so you can see coverage and finish. No concealer is used in any of the pictures this week. Hope you enjoy!

The first installment of Powder Foundation Week is my old standby, Benefit Hello Flawless. I love this powder foundation, but it really is just for the powder foundation enthusiasts. This powder is matte. Like old school full coverage matte. If you are not a fan of this finish you probably won’t like this one and will find it cakey. Personally, I love a matte face (my oily skin does really well with this foundation since it is quite matte). This foundation is medium to full coverage and I find it wears really well and soaks up oil nicely.

bare faced
wearing Benefit Hello Flawless all over

I find this powder very smooth, easy to blend and, the coverage is customizable. You can use less and get less coverage (if you don’t need it) or layer it for fuller coverage, like I did (I mean look at that coverage!). If you do have a dislike for a matte face, you can always use a setting spray with a powder foundation for long lasting makeup that isn’t flat but, that is also very light feeling on the skin (which is one of the reasons I love powders). Another big draw for me with powder foundations is that they tend to keep my skin clear. When I sweat under liquid foundations I end up breaking out like mad, but with powder foundations my skin fares better (just a note if you are oily and acne prone like me).

I’m sure you already know this as this powder has been in a whole slew of posts, but I love it. This is my second compact and I have hit pan on this one as well. Its so nice that its pressed (easy for travel!) and I use it for both powder foundation and to set liquid foundations. You can get 0.25 oz this powder foundation at Benefit counters, online and at Sephora for $34.

The rundown: A+


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