Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality in Shell/Lace

When I got my brows done at the Anastasia counter earlier this week the MUA used this amazing little guy on my brows. I have been letting them grow out, so I have a bunch of little hairs that don’t get filled in all the time. She used the matte side of this pencil to help conceal my extra hairs and highlight/define the shape of my brows. I have to say, I’m obsessed.

This is a chubby, creamy pencil that has a yellow toned matte cream shade (Shell) on one end and a shimmery gold (Lace) on the other. It can be used to define and highlight the shape of the brow by drawing around it (the shimmer shade I would really only use below my brow, but thats really up to you). I find the product very creamy and pigmented so it has the punch to conceal my dark hairs but blends out really nicely as well. I set this pencil with a powder since I’m an oily mess, but you might not have to.

from the top: Lace and Shell swatched

Shell is pretty much my skin tone once you blend it out, and Lace is a really pretty gold shimmer. Anastasia also make a pinky version of this pencil if you want more highlight or have a pinker tone to your skin.

I find this pencil is easy, quick and convenient. You can use your concealer for the job this pencil does, but this is just so handy. Personally, I really enjoy having it but it is certainly not something you need. Its more of an extra for fun thing. You can get this brow highlighting pencil at Anastasia counters, online or at Sephora for $23.

The rundown: A


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