Wayne Goss The Eye Set

Wayne Goss The Eye Set

I really loved the Wayne Goss The Collection brushes which I got earlier this year so when I saw The Eye Set on pre-sale I decided to grab it. This set is the same quality as The Collection, aka brilliant. All the brushes are super soft and well made. The Eye Set is 5 brushes and it should be coming out later this month.

There are two shader brushes, one is super big, the number 17 brush, and its great for putting one shade all over the lid or getting under the brow bone in one go. The other, brush number 18, is smaller and great to placing color on just part of the lid. I like using it for the outer 1/3 of my eye.

Wayne Goss The Eye Set

There are also two crease/blending brushes, the number 19 and 16 brushes. The 16 is like the other crease brushes Wayne Goss had in his Collection but its size is different. The size falls between the largest and medium crease brushes from that set (the 03 and 04). Its a great crease brush, and I think a great size as well. The number 16 is the big round one, the one that looks like an eraser. I didn’t know if I would like this one, since its a pretty strange shape, but I love it. It blends out like a dream, working a lot like an eraser it quickly and easily removes lines and make beautiful gradients.

The last brush, the number 20 is a pencil brush. I’m not a huge fan of pencil brushes, since I find them scratchy and harsh on my eyes. This one is much softer than others I have used, but it is still pokey. Personally, I love the Wayne Goss 05 brush for blending shadow at the lash line since its longer bristles don’t irritate my eyes. I do like the number 20 for detail work in my inner corner, so it works out.

Wayne Goss The Eye Set

This set just came out this week and you can get it at Beautylish for $148. I find this set really completes the eye brush options that he came out with in The Collection, and the quality has not diminished at all.

The rundown: A


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