Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes

Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes

I love blush. I love blush a lot. I know most of you know this already, but I figured the first step is admitting it, right?

swatches from the left: Berry, Plum, Ginger and, Peach Pop

I knew I wanted to try these since they look so beautiful and I heard such amazing things about them. I first got Peach Pop to try. Once I had tried Peach Pop I knew I was doomed. The formula is just fantastic! Then I got the other three. The texture is a very soft powder almost a cream but so not powdery (it doesn’t puff up, gather in the corners or anything like some powders do). It actually looks almost like a cream on the skin. The finish is very light and fresh and it has an amazing sheen to them. They are not shimmery. And they are not matte. They are just healthy looking. They also last very beautifully on the skin and I can still see them after 9-10 hours of wear. They blend really nicely as well. I find they aren’t scary pigmented (NARS Exhibit A I’m looking at you) so you can build from light to bright color.

The colors are really nice and basic. Nothing too crazy and there is a good solid everyday color for just about everyone. I really truly love these blushes, and I hope the line gets more colors. Before I you see them all on my cheeks let me say my favorite colors are Peach and Plum, but that is just due to personal preference.

wearing Peach Pop on my cheeks

Peach Pop is very true to its name. Its peach. I’m in love with it and I’ve been using it almost daily.

wearing Ginger Pop on my cheeks

Ginger Pop is very similar to Peach but it is deeper in tone and less peach. This leans more coral but it also has a very natural undertone so its the kind of blush that will just go with everything.

wearing Plum Pop on my cheeks

Plum Pop is a purple toned pink. I find it adds just the right amount of brightness and flush to the face. The purple undertones brighten the complexion and I’ve been loving this one for spring.

wearing Berry Pop on my cheeks

Berry Pop is a warmer, deeper version of Plum. I think this blush will be my main man in the summer since there is a bit more substance to the color than the light, freshness of Plum Pop.

All in all, I love these blushes. I highly recommend trying one in a color you enjoy. Ever color option is great and natural looking, nothing too crazy (though hopefully there will be in the future). You can get these blushes online, at Clinique counters and at Sephora for $21.

The rundown: A+


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