Changing Up Fragrance

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche (spring/summer) and Gucci Premier (fall/winter)

I haven’t talked about fragrance on this blog yet since I really find it very personal. I know some people who use a different scent all the time and then others who only wear one scent. Plus, everyone has very specific preferences about scents and, I think scent is so amazingly personal. Scent is such a big sense for me, a certain smell can take me back to a specific place, person, time or feeling. So instead of talking about what scents I like I wanted to just talk about refreshing your scent for the warmer months.

I find switching to a lighter fragrance in the spring and summer really refreshing. Its also a great way to get myself in a happy, fresh and, bright mindset every morning. After such a long, hard winter I really want to enjoy this spring and summer. I am looking forward to the warmer weather, and changing up my perfume is just another way to enjoy it.

Do you guys change up your scents a lot? Or are you loyal to a single fragrance? Do you change scents based on the time of the year or just your mood?

One thought on “Changing Up Fragrance

  1. I definitely choose lighter fragrances in Spring/summer. I agree that perfume is very personal and also very evocative! I do like to hear what fragrances others like, though, not as a guide to what I should purchase, but just because I am interested. Nosy? haha!)


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