My Morning Skin Care Routine

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I figured I would start the week off with some skin care. I am currently very happy with my skin care routine, and I now feel comfortable sharing it with you guys.

Not to overwhelm you, I decided to start with just my morning routine (the nighttime routine will come later). In the morning I prefer a lighter version of what I use at night. For cleanser I use the Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser. This one does have a strong fragrance to it, so if you don’t do well with that be warned. There are also small beads in it to very gently exfoliate. Its a very foamy face wash and you need only a tiny bit to really get a lot of lather. It is very gentle, and I really enjoy it in the mornings.

I then tone per usual with my Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner (great stuff). This toner is mildly hydrating and it just rebalances the skin after cleansing. For my eye cream I love the Origins GinZing Eye Cream since it is brightening and lightweight. I find this doesn’t make my makeup run or move under my eyes during the day and the beautiful peal it has brightens the under eye area before you even put makeup on. Chemically it has caffeine and ginseng increase circulation to reduce puffiness and darkness.

My morning moisturizer is an old time favorite. I have been using it for about 7 years now. The Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Combination Skin is just the best. I don’t know how it does it, but it manages to help control oil in my t-zone but still moisturizes my cheeks and other slightly less oily parts. Its doesn’t clog my pores and it sits beautifully under makeup.

So thats my morning skincare, I have been using these products for about 6 months now, and they are working very well for me. I have acne prone, oily, congested skin (sounds great right) for reference.

What do you guys love to use for your morning skincare?


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