Clairsonic Luxe Brush Head – Cashmere Cleanse

Clairsonic Cashmere Brush Head

I love my Clairsonic (you might remember when I got it, I wrote some posts on my experience if you are curious). When I got my Clairsonic it came with some extras, one of which was a Cashmere brush head. At the time that I got the set the brushes were new, and I started using the Sensitive head since that was what was already on the Clairsonic. Now that my old brush is past its three month use, I switched it out for the Cashmere head I had sitting around.

Clairsonic Cashmere Brush Head

The Cashmere heads are kind of like duo fiber brushes. There is a set of longer bristles and then a shorter set that sits inside. Once you press down on your face the longer bristles smoosh around and the short bristles buff at your skin. This brush is super soft and I find its a more gentle exfoliation. I also find its not as effective, but since it is more gentle you can use it more frequently, so its kind of a trade off. I haven’t been using my Clairsonic more with this brush head simply because I use mine everyday as it is (congested skin for the win). I end up supplementing with another exfoliator about once a week, like the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate.

Clairsonic Cashmere Brush Head

All in all, its a really amazing brush. Mega luxe and soft its a joy to use. I do find it a gentle version of the sensitive brush head so if you find the other Clairsonic brush heads too rough for your skin, I would highly recommend this. Personally, I don’t think I will be repurchasing since I need a bit more juice, but its a really lovely way to cleanse. Very relaxing.

You can get this replacement brush head for $30 online, at Clairsonic’s website and at Sephora.

The rundown: B+ (its great, just not for me)


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