NARS Portobello Eyeshadow Duo – Matte About You

NARS Portobello Eyeshadow Duo

I recently picked up another NARS eyeshadow duo (I know, shame on me, but I just love these shadows!). Anyway, I grabbed Portobello since I always grab the fun, bright (or orange), sparkly shades and I figured it was time for some basics.

NARS Portobello is a duo of matte medium toned browny shades (there is no more blah than this people). The left color is a little bit lighter and warmer while the right shade is more cool toned and a bit darker. The right shadow actually reminds me of exactly its description on the NARS site, a “Matte Mushroom”. I know, doesn’t sound appealing, but its basically amazing and you need it in your life.

NARS Portobello Swatched on my NC/NW20 Skin

Both shades are beautifully pigmented and super smooth. They blend like a dream, which, considering the shades is kind of their purpose in life. So good job NARS, you knocked it out the park. I absolutely love this duo and I have been using these shades in my crease since I got it. I also love doing an all matte eye with the duo, using the left color all over the lid and the right color in the crease.

The formula of these shadows is just fantastic, I really am in love with the formula. The shades are pretty amazing as well. They really are well done basic shadows I can use everyday. Its the products I am going to be using every day that I really enjoy splurging on, its a little bit of luxury for your eyes.

wearing NARS Portobello

You can get this amazing everyday staple duo shadow for $35 online, at NARS counters and at Sephora.

The rundown: A+


2 thoughts on “NARS Portobello Eyeshadow Duo – Matte About You

  1. Lovely!! So simple but polished and sophisticated.I debated between Madrague and Portobello and ended up getting the former. It is my most used Nars duo, the perfect crease/blending and matte highlight colours. Pity that the Madrague duo in the Narsissist palette is so poorly pigmented. Another brilliant set of matte browns I’ve been enjoying is the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage palette…..I hate to say it but it’s brilliant ;)!!


    1. I was doing the same debate! I decided on Portobello since I have the NARSissist palette. I find the Madrague shadows in the NARSissist palette can be built up, so they work for me. Though I am sure the duo is better. I really want the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage, it looks amazing but oh the price!


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