Wedding Week – Lips

lip look #1

I’m going to be honest with you, getting your lip look to last the whole day off one application is just not going to happen. Especially if you actually manage to have some food at your own wedding (a feat, I’ve heard). But you still have to try (for the food and the long lasting lips). For the first look I layered products to prolong my lip look as long as possible. I started with a lip liner, which I applied all over my lips. I then used a pinky-nude lipstick over the whole thing (I love Creme Cup by MAC) and then topped it with a clear lipgloss. I used the gloss since I have thin lips and all, so I like the shine which helps my lips look fuller, but you can stop at the lipstick if you want.

lip look #2

For the second look I went with another way to get a prolonged lip look. I used a stain. The YSL glossy stains are my absolute favorites. They stay glossy for hours (4 or so) without transferring (I don’t know how they do it) and then a stain hangs around for another 2-3 hours. These come in lots of color, so if you are into the wearing power of a stain, you can get any color you want. It is an expensive product, but it really delivers. I think its the perfect product for a wedding. I haven’t met a more long lasting lip product that doesn’t turn my lips into raisins (not attractive).

What do you guys think? Do you have any long lasting lip products you swear by?


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