Wedding Week Look #2

Wedding Week Look#2

My second wedding day look is an updated retro look for the untraditional bride. With glowy skin, the look isn’t too dated. I used the Naked palette on my eyes as I detailed in yesterdays post. I then added a small wing with liquid liner (and yes, its waterproof, use all waterproof products).

eye look #2

For the cheeks I used the same highlighter and bronzer but swapped out the blush for NARS Final Cut, which is pretty soft peach. And on the lips I went with my YSL Glossy Stain in #29. Its another amazing long lasting product, so it should hang with you all day (kisses and all). The color is a soft red, so its not too in-your-face retro. Its also glossy, which should help make the whole look more modern. A matte red lip will make this look super retro (so go for it if you like that).

You can make the look softer by using a pink or peach lip instead of the reddish tone. It would still be beautiful.


What do you guys think of this different wedding look? Would you wear it?


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