Wedding Week – Eyes

Naked Palette!

For your wedding day the long lasting theme is kind of constant. Start your eye look with an eye primer, I have the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, but if that isn’t enough for you, also use a thin layer of cream shadow over primer and before shadow (layering will lock in your look, layer!).

For Look#1 I used Sin, Naked, Buck and Darkhorse to create a defined eye (light on the lid, darker in the crease and outer corner). I then lined my upper lash liner with the NARS pencil liner and smudged it out (and set it, the layering of products continues…) with Darkhorse.


For your wedding day, take some extra time and do some detail work on your eyes. I lined the inner rims on my top lashes with a black eyeliner (I used some more NARS, but Rimmel make great ones too). This will make your lashes look even fuller and more dramatic. I also lined my lower inner rims with a white liner, but if you want something less stark you can use a flesh colored one. Pixi makes a great one (as does NARS, of course).

Really take the time to blend your shadows, and apply a shimmery white/pearl to your inner corners. It will really brighten up your whole face.

for look #2…

For my second look (coming at you tomorrow) I used Sidecar all over the lid (please apply this shade before your foundation, as it has a very large amount of fall out). I then used the same setup for my crease and outer corner – Naked, Buck, Darkhorse. The trifecta. I then used liquid liner for my more retro inspired second wedding look.

If you want to, you can apply false lashes as well. I just used an amazing mascara and curled my lashes (I’m loving the Laura Mercier Full Blown Mascara). I love Ardell lashes and I recommend the individual ones. I like using Medium ones on the outer part of the eye and Short ones towards the inner portion. It elongates the eye and still looks very natural (let me know if you want a post on falsies). I also love the Kiss three lashes which are three individual lashes stuck together, which is faster but still more natural than strip lashes. I like the Duo Darktone adhesive, since it blends much more easily into liner than the clear (in my opinion). All of this lash fun can be had at your local drugstore, in case you were curious.

For mascara (to bind the falsies and your own lashes, or just for your own lashes) pick a waterproof formula. There will be need for it, trust me. I recommend the Maybelline Clumpcrusher waterproof formula or the Loreal Voluminous Waterproof, depending on what you need, length or volume. Loreal has a great bunch of mascaras, and I always love them.


For brows use a long lasting, waterproof formula (if you need to fill them in) if not just throw on some clear brown gel so they stay for the day. I used the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, since its waterproof. Gotta love the waterproof makeup on your wedding day.


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