Wedding Week – Foundation and Glow

a long lasting foundation formula

For my next Wedding Week post, I am going to talk about foundation. Weddings are long events, and I know I want to look flawless the whole day long (and while I’m dancing like a crazy person after). To start it all off use a great primer. This will help lock in your look for the whole amazing day. I love the Hourglass Veil Primer, it works so so well.

Then use a foundation you know and love. Since I have oily skin I swear by Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+, but if you have norma skin I would recommend the Laura Mercier Silk Creme (its amazing). Leenie has fantastic flawless skin, so whatever you like to wear, go for it.

For under the eyes and all over the face I would use the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer. Its waterproof, so it won’t go anywhere, even if you cry a little and dance a lot. Take your time with your concealer and foundation, you want to look flawless. Practice with the products you are going to use on your wedding day before hand, so you get a feel for how they apply and just how long they last. 

glow me babe

At this point I add in my glow. Since I have oily skin, my long lasting base is le-matte, but a bride should glow. To remedy this fact (and to add some glow even if you are not oily) I love the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. This is a liquid highlight, so use it before powdering.

Once you have on the liquid highlight and your other base products, I powdered my whole face. I would recommend powdering, since this will also prolong the wear time of your makeup. I love the NARS Light Reflecting powder, it really locks in makeup and doesn’t look heavy or cakey. Now double up and lock in that glow by adding a powder highlight over the places you put the liquid. I used Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, since they aren’t over the top.

I like to highlight on the tops of my cheeks, over the tail of my brows (think C shape around your eye), the cupids bow, down the bridge of my nose and the inner corners of my eyes. This brings light to the face, and while you’ll be glowing anyway, some more won’t hurt.

NARS Laguna and New Attitude (Wedding Look #1)

Then use bronzer and blush where you like it. I love to bronze in a 3/E shape (temple, cheeks, jaw line) and apply blush along my cheek bones. When I have used great base products, I don’t find my blush and bronzer fading. But if that is an issue for you, layer them over cream/liquid products like I did with the highlighter. It will prolong the wear.

NARS Final Cut Blush (Look #2)


If you are into this kind of thing, you can they spray over the whole shebang with a setting spray. I am not a huge fan of them, but many people swear by them. What do you guys use for a locked-in base?  Any more tips for long lasting makeup?

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