NARS Persia Eyeshadow is my Fiery Love

NARS Persia

I got another red shadow. But this one is different! I promise! Its a little more burnt red/orange, so its a good red for the summer months. I much prefer brown/darker reds for the fall/winter time. And while I am kind of nuts and love red shadow with a passion, I’m going to show you a really beautiful wearable way to use this killer shadow.

NARS Persia swatched on my NC/NW20 skin

First of all, its mega pigmented. The color saturation is really amazing. I also love that its a matte, since I find that some shimmery red shadows can be just a little too crazy. This way nothing pulls focus from the gorgeous color. This matte is pretty amazing too, it blends beautifully and I didn’t see a drop of fallout. Formula perfection.

wearing NARS Persia above my crease

Now for the wearable way to use this. Blending a tiny tiny bit of this shadow just above your crease will warm up any eye look. I really love warm eyeshadow looks, so this works for me. As you can see above, it blends so beautifully so you don’t end up looking like you have a orange stripe on your eye. I like to place it just above my natural crease, because I like the color gradient it gives. But you can wear it in your crease if you like that better.

wearing NARS Persia just above my crease

Don’t get me wrong, I already want to wear this shadow alone in a crazy cat-eye red shadow look. Because gosh that would be stunning. But for everyday, its amazing as well. Which is kind of unexpected. NARS Persia is a great everyday shadow, regardless of its crazy in the pan color, but you can also go absolutely nuts with it. I kind of love it.

You can get this NARS single shadow at NARS counters, Sephora and online for $25.

The rundown: A+ and a favorite status


2 thoughts on “NARS Persia Eyeshadow is my Fiery Love

  1. Rather you than me ;). I have recently acquired Mac Cranberry; I wear it with All that Glitters and Soba, and that’s as daring as I’m about to get LOL! You pull this one off well though. I don’t do orange no matter what anyone says.


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