Brush of the Week: Wayne Goss 04

Wayne Goss 04 Brush

This is another fun installment of the Wayne Goss brush core collection. The 04 brush is basically a smaller version of the 03, which I love. Its a great small crease brush, but I mostly use it for defining my outer-v and doing more precise crease work.

Wayne Goss 03 (top) and Wayne Goss 04 (bottom)

 The 04 brush is super soft, just like all the brushes in The Collection. The end is also tapered, just like the 03, which makes it really easy to apply color in a specific location and then blend with the same brush. Even though you can do that, I always use a larger blending brush after using the 04 brush, just because I’m a blending fiend.

from the left: Wayne Goss 03 Brush, Wayne Goss 04 Brush

The 04 brush is one of the main reasons I bought this brush set. Its an amazing detail brush. The way it is shaped makes it amazingly useful and easy to use. I love the different than average shape these tapered brushes have. I find them unique and not just in a for-the-sake-of-it manner. These are unique in a meaningful way. The shape and size are deliberate to make makeup application better and easier for the user.

Basically, I absolutely love this brush. Its amazing. I would recommend it for every eye size and shape. Smaller eyes can use this as a great crease brush and if you have larger eyes its an amazing detail brush. You can get this brush for $28 (and the rest of the collection) at Beautylish.

The rundown: A+

Oh! Side note: are you guys enjoying this brush a week review thing? Would you be interested in brushes other than Wayne Goss brushes?


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