So… You Want to Curl Those Lashes

Tarte Lash Curler

Curling my lashes is one of those steps I sometimes skip because of time or laziness. I realized recently that its actually worth the time and effort to curl my lashes every AM. Why you ask? Because it opens up your eyes, makes you look like you have more lashes and, if you are like me and have some rouge hairs, lines all your lash soldiers up for the day ahead.

Personally, I have some lashes that like to stick out all over the place. Give your lashes a good curl and now everyone is on the same page you have that perfect fan-of-lashes effect.

It also makes your eyes appear larger and more awake, which is something I will take at 6:45 in the morning pre-coffee. Another huge plus is that it makes it easier to tell you have lashes once you add mascara, since it curls them up to show over liner (and since I’m always wearing liner…gotta curl).

Look at the curl on those babies!

Personally, I like to pinch in 2-3 spots on my lashes so they get a nice curl. I find if I pinch (or use pump-motions) at just the base of my lashes it can look like someone kinked them straight up, which is not really the look I am going for. I also try and kind of bend the lash curlers into the crease of my eye to really curl those buggers. Pumping the lash curlers open and closed on a single spot a few times can prolong your curl, and also helps pass the time (I’m always in a mad hurry in the morning, and waiting for a curl just gets me antsy).

I have a pair of Tarte lash curlers, but really any will do so long as they don’t pinch your eyelid (never fun in the AM). Do you guys curl your lashes? Have any tips and tricks?


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