Wayne Goss #6 Brush is All You Need

Wayne Goss #6 Brush

You may have picked up on this the last two weeks, but I love these brushes. Literally all of them are amazing. Not a throw away in The Collection (aka his core set, there are going to be two new installments. One is a Face Brush set and the other is an Eye Set, coming out in the next few months).

The #6 brush is one I use for my eyeshadow. I’m sure, like all his brushes, you could use it for many things but its pretty much the perfect eyeshadow brush. Why mess with perfection?

from the top: Sigma E55, Wayne Goss #6, Sigma E25

This brush falls somewhere between the shape of a MAC 217/Sigma E25 and a flat shader brush (the Sigma E55 is shown above). Its flat on both faces with a rounded edge like a flat shader and the MAC 217 shape of fame. Unlike the MAC 217, it isn’t super fluffy and unlike a flat shader brush, it isn’t completely flat. Its like a hybrid of the two brushes. Like the brushes had a kid, and his name was the Wayne Goss #6 brush.

from the left: Sigma E25, Wayne Goss #6, Sigma E55 (my brushes, they be tilting)

It makes the brush perfect for both applying color to the lid, and blending out the crease. It does it all, and in style too. Basically, I absolutely love it. It is a one stop shop brush and its super duper soft. Softer than any other eye brush I have, which is just so nice to have for the eye area where the skin is so sensitive and thin.

from the left: Wayne Goss #6, Sigma E55

You can get this brush for $25 at Beautylish, which is a move I highly recommend.

The rundown: A


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